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moderated - created 04/10/04
This tribe is for people to upload and download humorous pictures. While I expect some offensive stuff, that does not justify OBSCENITY, which has resulted in the tribe being made 'Private' at one point. This is also not the Tribe for nudie pics. I don't want to see genitalia. The pic will be deleted and you will be banned. I personally have pretty broad boundaries, but some people don't. I recommend that if things here offend you, don't look anymore. I do NOT expect it to be exclusively mature material. ANYTHING funny (though NOT OBSCENE) to you is fine. Members here are expected to avoid violating anyone's intellectual property rights.

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Come on People!  topic
don't MISS this  review
Anniversary Sale Ends Soon  review
Is Ric Flair made of rubber?  topic
Noob alert!  topic
It's a Swingline  topic
Very Funny!! Real Seattle RAIN on EBAY  topic

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